Check your Tires – Do not to aquaplane

June 21st, 2018 by

Aquaplaning is a frequent issue when it rains. The presence of surface water means a possibility of aquaplaning. This means you lose control of the car. If you are unlucky, you may collide with another object. As a driver, you must be aware of how to drive when there is water on the road or when it rains. The other name of aquaplaning is hydroplaning.

Accidents happen when a water layer builds up between the road surface and the tires of your car. The tires cannot grip the road. This leads to traction loss. You lose control and cannot brake, steer, or accelerate. The event can be a frightening one. An accident is a surety in such hostile conditions.

The condition of your tires and the vehicle speed affect aquaplaning. Good quality or new tires do not cause aquaplaning. Old tires conversely allow the water to build up underneath it. You will know the vehicle is aquaplaning while driving on a wet road when the engine without any reason sounds louder. You feel that you have dropped a few gears even though the vehicle is at speed. The revs suddenly increase and the steering feels light. The car’s back end drifts from one side to another side. This is termed “fishtailing”.

There are ways to regain control of your aquaplaning vehicle. Whatever you do, the brakes must not be hit hard. Slowly lift your feet off the accelerator. Do hold straight your car’s steering wheel. In case your car has cruise control and it is turned on, switch it off. Start to brake when you feel the car beginning to respond.

Do keep your wits about you if you lose control. Do not do something suddenly. If you do so, the chances of being involved in accident multiplies.

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