Ideal speed to get maximum mileage

June 28th, 2018 by

There is no need to know car mechanics to get maximum mileage from your vehicle. Knowing a few simple rules mean fewer stops at the fuel pump. It thus helps you to reach your destination much faster. The foremost rule to extract maximum miles from a gallon is to drive with optimal tire pressure. A reduction in tire pressure means more contact between road and tire. The greater the friction the result means more fuel consumption. Lower consumption may be had from over-inflated tires. Too much air, however, means less grip. Water dispersal is also hampered.

The tires must be inflated at levels recommended by the manufacturer. It is important to inspect them every week. This inspection must be conducted in the morning. Engage in smooth driving. Press the brake and the accelerator pedal with appropriate respect. Sudden acceleration and quick brakes reduce fuel efficiency. An excellent method to get maximum mileage is to consolidate the trips. Two trips consume more fuel compared to a single trip. The other benefit of this scheme is that you will save travel time.

Keep windows closed while driving. Open windows result in more drag. This means more fuel burned every mile. Contrary to popular perception, you actually save money when you turn on the air-conditioner. When driving a stick shift; shift as quickly as possible to highest gear without engine knocking. Your car will consume more fuel in lower gears at the time of acceleration. In case the engine does not pull, shift down. There is no requirement to press the throttle.

Lose excess weight in the car to save fuel. The boot should be clean and empty. The fuel gauge will be more stable as a result.

There’s many other tips to help you save gas like keeping up to date with your KIA vehicle maintenance schedule. Just ask one of our service advisors for additional tips on your next visit to Sons KIA. We are conveniently located just minutes away from Atlanta, Morrow, Jonesboro, Conyers and Covington serving our neighbors with an attentive car buying and excellent auto repair experience.

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