Remove minor dents from car bumper

July 8th, 2018 by

Remove minor dents from car bumper

If you own or drive a car, getting a dent is only a matter of time. Being careful is no guarantee for avoiding dents. Forget other cars, there can be footballs, hail, and even runaway shopping carts.

After your car gets a dent, your concern should be to make the car look pretty again. The easiest way is to take the car to the nearest collision repair. The problem is that this can be a little expensive if not covered by your insurance. In some instances you can fix a minor dent by yourself. No technical expertise is needed. Do remember that such a Do-It-Yourself method may not work all the time. The efficacy of repairs depends on the location of the dent and the material the car is made of. The hardest dent to repair, for example, is an aluminum-made car. The metal has near zero memory properties.

The most common method to get rid of dents is to use a plunger. Splash water on both dent and plunger. Push and pull plunger until the dent vanishes. Use a cup plunger which is suitable for sinks. A flange or toilet plunger is not a suitable tool in such a context. Boiling water makes an excellent solution. Plungers may not work every time if the car is made of ABS plastic. Boil water in a pot and pour it on the offending dent. After you pour water, reach behind and try to push dent back. The hot water will make the plastic more flexible, making it easier to repair the dent. It is apparent the work must be completed as fast as possible. If the dent does not disappear in the first instance, continue the process until it does.

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