Tire care tips

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Taking care of your tires

Tire care tips

The easiest method to extract the best results from your tires is to regularly inspect the car tires. Living in Georgia we have different seasons that will affect the life of your tires if proper care is not taken. Checks should be done in the context of proper inflation, damage, and even wear of the tread. Proper inflation must be maintained in the tires. If this is done, the best performance, fuel economy, and safety are obtained. The tires should be inspected every month and our service department will perform a multi-point inspection that includes tires and will give you a report with our recommendations. The inflation pressure must be as recommended in the vehicle owner’s manual. The maintenance of proper inflation pressure is vital to make the tires last longer. This will also keep them durable.

The tires should not be spun more than what is required. This becomes hard to maintain when the car gets stuck in sand, snow, or ice. The list of consequences includes irreparable damage and too much heat. To free the vehicle, rock the car gently to the front and then to the back. One should not stand behind a tire while executing such actions. If you have to push a vehicle, do it from the center.

Under-inflated tires result in irreparable tire damage. There will be intense cracking and then the loss of air. Load capacity gets reduced, permitting sidewalls being flexed. Rolling resistance also gets jacked up. These lead to mechanical damage. Conversely, over-inflation results in a painful driving experience with unwanted vehicle vibration.

The tires must be examined for wear. The tires should be replaced when they touch 1.6mm of remaining tread depth. Accidents in wet weather happen from skidding on nearly bald or bald tires. Punctures are a frequent occurrence on tires which are nearly worn off and reached the end of their product life. The tires must be minutely inspected for damage. If you have misgivings, ask our service department located in McDonough, GA near Atlanta and Morrow to inspect them. We have a huge inventory of tires in stock with many monthly specials to save you money.

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